Friday, June 20, 2014

My Thoughts on Friendship by Vicki K.H.

My Thoughts on Friendship
By Vicki K.H.
Friendship is the ice cream of life. It might be a sweet friendship or a rocky one. Friendship adds so much more value to one's life.
However, before you can be a good friend to anyone else, you need to practice being a good friend to yourself. If you want friends or want to be a good friend you need to try to become an interesting person. Find some interests and follow through on them. Join a club, volunteer your time to a good cause or take a class. Meet friends at a job or a support group.
For people with a mental illness opening up to others about oneself is scary. Show others that you are interested in them. Develop conversation skills and practice being friendly.
One question you may wonder is how much information you want to share. Think about a current growing friendship and see how comfortable you are, then, focus on letting the friendship grow. Remember important dates and holidays and do nice and thoughtful things like send cards and try to remember birthdays. Be a thoughtful person and take a real interest in other people.

Get to know several people. Remember, one friend may be good at one thing while another friend may be valuable for other things. People are all different and unique. Friendships are unique. Share joy, pain, laughter and sadness. Sharing with others makes our journey with life much richer.

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