Friday, August 2, 2013

Some great Resources in Mental Health in and around NYC

Hello City Voices Readers:

This is the CIO Will Jiang, MLS of New York City Voices letting you know about some exciting, upcoming events as well as a great newsletter archive of a great support group:

Mood Disorders Support Group Newsletter Archive (MDSG):

The Return of the  third season of the "Healthy Minds" series is big news

I like also, the mention of the radio program in the namynycmetro newslettter. 

Please show your support and tune in to listen at
  • July 3: NAMI IOOV presenters: Christina Sparrock and Mrs. Arlene Day 
  • July 10: Famous Psychiatrist, Dr. Dolores Malaspina 
  • July 17: NAMI IOOV presenters: Lucy Chi and Crispin Jackson 
  • July 24: Famous Author/Mental Health Advocate, Deborah Cofer 
  • July 31: Famous Psychiatrist and Famous Author, Dr. Sidney Hankerson and Mental Health Advocate, Terrie Williams
If you like any of these resources please leave a comment below. Even if you don't like them, it would be interesting to see your comments, as they may help others.

Mental health issues effect everyone, and that includes New Yorkers

Mental health issues effect everyone, and that includes New Yorkers. For example: Latinos living in the US, women, 45+ers, and the unemployed are groups at a higher risk for developing clinical depression or anxiety disorders. But what can be done about this?

I worked in at Columbia Psychiatry/NYSPI as their patient librarian where I procured for our Spanish-speaking patients the best mental health information that was available in English and Spanish, because knowledge is power. I read a lot during my tenure at the patient library, and I wanted to share my knowledge, so I wrote nine books. The books I wrote, I wrote to combat the stigma of mental illness and to educate.

My titles deal with mental health issues and language acquisition. Two of my books received the honor of a recommendation by the APA President Jeffrey Lieberman and internationally known mental health advocate Elyn Saks J.D., PhD.