Friday, December 15, 2017

Obit: Robert William Teller

Robert William Teller
November 5, 1943—August 15, 2016
“We lost one of our soldiers.”

Friends, Family, Advocates, Providers gathered together this past July to remember with food, singing and kind words, the passing of one dear man: Robert William Teller.

Here is what we said of Robert:

“To Robert: I love you and I miss you.”—P.S.

“Robert always seemed to be an extremely compassionate soul…a long-time advocate.”—S.M.

“To Robert, may you rest in peace…You will be sorely missed.”—S.B.

“Love you, Robert, from my heart.”—M.P.

“Robert was an outstanding advocate, a role model for many of us. I have a photo of us at Brooklyn Borough Hall which I will always treasure. He was a good friend and I will never forget him.”—A.C.

“Robert was outgoing and friendly. He was an effective advocate. He will be missed.”—D.H.

“Robert was a hoot. He loved our Christmas parties. Robert always danced. Robert was very astute. He volunteered and always grasped very difficult concepts and explained them well. We’ll miss Robert.”—C.R.

“Robert was always a pleasant and engaging mental health advocate. After just a few years of knowing him, when he knew it was time to leave his position with NYAPRS, he thought well enough of me to nominate me to replace him.”—C.S.

“Robert was generous with his caring and his courage. Speaking up for people was natural for him and his caring was authentic. I appreciate the time we were able to spend together.”—M.G.

“It was a feeling I had to sing…See you again.”—W.K.

“So proud to have known Robert. He will be missed.”—T.B.

“Although we never got to be close to Robert, we are so proud to hear about all his success and help in the mental health advocacy community. It means so much to us that he was able to find family within this community. Much love and prayers will continue to be sent to Robert. We love you, Robert.”—C.T. and A.T.

“Robert was always full of life and always on a new adventure. He never gave up living.”—L.M.

“Never knew Robert until his memorial. The love of his peers and colleagues. Warms my heart to hear how his life touched so many people. Robert, thank you for giving yourself in such a generous way.”—W.F. 

Note: Obituary to Robert William Teller composed by Leon Marquis 

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