Thursday, May 30, 2013

Parachute NYC: A “Soft Landing” for People in Crisis

Parachute NYC: A “Soft Landing” for People in Crisis
The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene announces the launch of Parachute NYC: an innovative citywide approach to provide a “soft-landing” for individuals experiencing psychiatric crisis.
When someone is in crisis—but not at imminent risk to self or others—s/he can be referred to Parachute NYC by calling 1-800-LIFENET. The person will be seen at home by an enhanced Mobile team within 24 hours of the referral. The enhanced Mobile team will have the ability to work with the person as frequently as needed—even daily—for up to one year. The team will help the person to develop a network starting at the first meeting. This network will include the person and other people s/he chooses, such as family, friends, vocational staff, etc.
If the person receiving services needs a different level of care than can be provided at home—and is not at imminent risk to self or others—s/he can be referred to the Crisis Respite Center. The Respite is a home-like, warm, supportive and safe environment for people to stay during times of heightened distress. People may stay at the Respite for up to fourteen days. During their stay, Respite guests will continue to work with the Mobile team. The Respite is staffed with a mixture of peers and behavioral health professionals who are available 24/7 to offer peer support, wellness education and skills building. At this stage, Mobile and Respite services are available only to people living in stable housing.
People who are not interested in receiving treatment from the Mobile team may also stay at the Respite (e.g., someone who already has a mental health provider but is experiencing or anticipating a crisis). These individuals must provide a current clinical evaluation or consent to an evaluation by the Mobile team.
There is significant peer involvement in every component of Parachute NYC; besides mental health services, peers will work as peer health navigators to integrate medical health into the continuum of care.
All referrals to Parachute NYC are made through 1-800-LIFENET.
Parachute NYC also includes a peer operated Support Line for people to call when they are experiencing emotional distress to connect with a trained operator who has had similar experiences. Anyone can call the support line by dialing 646-741-HOPE. All services are confidential and there is no need for a referral.
Currently, Visiting Nurse Service of New York provides enhanced Mobile services and Community Access provides Respite for residents of Manhattan ages 18-65. In Brooklyn, services are exclusively for young adults age 16-25 experiencing a first episode of psychosis. Woodhull Medical Center operates the Mobile team in Brooklyn and Respite is provided by Services for the Underserved for 18-25 year-olds and by New York City Children’s Center for 16-17 year olds. The Support Line, also operated by Community Access, is available to anyone in New York City. Services will open in Bronx and Queens, again for people aged 18-65, in late 2013 and early 2014, respectively.

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