Thursday, May 30, 2013

Honoring and Understanding Our Other Selves

Honoring and Understanding Our Other Selves
By Gayle D
The evil twin of my split personality emerges when I am anxious, can’t think, or am overtired. She, or he, wants attention and becomes more assertive, or aggressive.
The art work I create from both perspectives is a reflection of my inner life. Spirituality can also be seen as a compromise, or a cohesiveness way to honor oneself. 
My evil twin appears to hinder me, but my true friends or relatives understand the deeper layers of my moods and personalities. There are many colors ranging from very light, almost mystical, to dark and gloomy, like the need to get under the covers on a cold winter day.  My moods also range from perky and full of life to sad and depressed. The feelings of fulfillment come out on the other side.
Like the "shrinks" say, you’re like an audience participant rather than yourself, and sometimes there is popcorn or applause after the show.  I did have some art shows. As it was explained to me, clinicians should know and understand that there are many aspects of the whole person: the human, the spiritual, the body, and the medical. You are not the illness; you are yourself, first.
Holistic therapy with herbs, if you’re into that combination, is great for the immune system and looks good inside and out.

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