Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ward Stories Winter 2014: Poetry

Ward Stories
A column organized by Dan Frey, Interim Poetry Editor
In this edition of Ward Stories I am pleased to present two powerful poems. DeAnn puts the struggle of a single mother to poetry while Chaim shares his experience of love with a fellow consumer/survivor in rhyming verse. Enjoy.

First Born Son
By DeAnn
Once a bright promise
Star of our eyes
And hearts,
His mind broke,
Into disorder.
The cold hard stone
Of sorrow
Sending rings
Of disappointment
Ever outward.

His father,
My husband,
Died years ago,
His sister
My daughter has
Stood long in grief’s shadow,
I ask for her forgiveness.

Blinded with pain
I prayed
For God to pull me
From the smoke and ash,
I prayed for Him
To wash away the grime
Of sorrowful days.
I didn’t even see that
He was there all along,
Patiently holding me up
Waiting to breathe
Hope’s holy light
Into my darkest hours.

I Will Stay By You Always
By Chaim
Your depression, not unlike a heavy fog.
Like the stench and gloom of industrial smog.
We both just want it to go away.
And you are too sick to hope, too tired to pray.

They give you therapy and pills to ease the pain.
But the gloom and sadness still remains.

Maybe it is written in fate.
Your feelings of sadness, which we both hate.

Maybe it was festering in the womb, before you were born.
This creature called depression, so relentless and strong.

But despite the beast that keeps you in bed.
Crying dry tears feeling half dead.

My love, I just want you to know.
That I too feel powerless and hate it so!

But my love, don't feel that you must smile.
Or I will pick myself up and leave after a while.

Yes it's got to get better, just you wait and see
Yes that's the way, it's got to be

But Heaven forbid, if these feelings never leave?
My love, you must believe

I'll stay with you always, through thick and thin
Regardless of what emotional shape you are in

For our love is beyond space and time
I am forever yours and you are eternally mine

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